Some activities to relax your epileptic dog.

Quiet time

Activity Descrition :

The key to treating and managing epilepsy is to keep your dog as calm as possible. This doesn't mean you should never go out or play, of course. This simply means that you should avoid loud noises, sudden movements, and over-worrying, as dogs can sense your emotions, which can make them anxious and cause a seizure. You can spend a relaxing evening watching TV, reading, or listening to calming music together while eating healthy snacks and cuddling. Your dog will enjoy a relaxing evening with you and love the time you spend together.

STEP 1: Music Put on some music and relax with your dear pooch. Avoid heavy electronic music with lots of erratic sounds, and avoid heavy metal, as this can cause stress and worry. Choose jazz or classical music, and keep the volume low. You can also gently massage your dog while you cuddle.

STEP 2: Eat Snacks Prepare healthy snacks that you can share with your dog. Fresh vegetables (safe for dogs), small treats every now and then, and maybe even low-calorie canapes can give you enough nourishment for your evening, so you won't be starving while you relax .

STEP 3: Read a book Your dog loves listening to the sound of your voice. So you can read them a book! We're sure they won't care about the genre, as long as you don't raise your voice or seem upset while you're reading. Grab a blanket, cuddle up, and read that novel you've had on your shelf for years!


Activity Descrition :

One of the best ways to relax your dog is to give him a pampering session that he will remember for a long time. Transform your living room into a dog spa and give your dog a proper massage to relax his muscles, soothe his mind and bond with him. You can always include massages in your daily cuddle sessions, but why not take it a step further and make them feel like royalty? They will be so calm and relaxed that they will just want to fall asleep and be well rested for the next day!

STEP 1: Caresses Start the massage with a classic caressing session. You already know that your dog likes it when you pet them, so spend a few minutes doing that and getting them into a relaxed state so you can continue with the massage. Talk to them and tell them they are the best dog anyone could have!

STEP 2: Neck and Shoulders Next, move on to your dog's neck and shoulders. Use circular motions on their neck and apply gentle pressure. When you reach their shoulders, you can ask them to sit down to make the job easier. You can always play soft music in the background to promote calm.

STEP 3: Back and Tail After the neck and shoulders, move on to your dog's back. They can never reach that place, so giving them a good massage will surely help them relieve tension and feel more relaxed. Use circular movements and move up and down the spine. Massage their tail area, and you'll see how much they love it!

Slow stroll

Activity Descrition :

Yes, you take your daily walks, and that's totally fine. But, from time to time, it can be good for you and your dog to change it up a bit and change up your routine. Instead of just going to pee, poop, and play a little, you can take a long, slow, relaxing walk around the neighborhood. You can explore places you've never been before and spend time bonding, all while getting in some light exercise. Choose a day when you don't have to rush anywhere, preferably on the weekend, and smell all the flowers, see all the birds and explore every corner of your neighborhood.

STEP 1: Buckle in Get ready for your walk! Grab a good leash and harness, pack a water bottle and a collapsible bowl for your dog, dress well, and set out to explore the unknown. Well, maybe not unfamiliar, but be prepared to take it slow and explore every corner of your neighborhood!

STEP 2: Explore Slowly Instead of following your usual routine, change it up a little. Instead of right, go left. Try to find a nice place to walk, preferably without too much traffic, and without loud construction noises. You don't need to stress your dog, but relax them instead!